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Human Design is a synthesis of different wisdom teachings that will really transform your view on how you look on yourself. With this you can get answers on really deep life questions like: Who am i? Whats my purpose? Where should i go? Where should i live? Am i on the right track?

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2 hours Session CHF 360.-

1 hour Session CHF 270.-



The Healing Session i only offer on location in Sankt Alban Praxis. Its a deep and profound healing space where i work with different methods like kinesiology, hypnosis, family constellation, inner child healing, soulcentered coaching , chakra balancing, emotion code and the help of the archangel and the spirits. You can either bring your issue or i will connect with your body and what wants to be healed we will work on together. If you want to work on a deeper level to heal certain topics i recommend booking 3 to 5 sessions in a row.              


Duration 1.5 to 2 hours                                               

CHF 160.- cash or Twint  




Coachings i offer on the phone and i work with shamanic wisdom and profound coaching techniques. Here its all about knowing yourself better and how your body tells you where to go. I will lead you through a deep transformation to your own inner intuition.


Duration 45 minutes     CHF 120.-                           


Human Design System is a theory of getting to know yourself better. It is found in the 1987 from RA URU HU. He got on Ibiza a revelation that changed his life. It was the Human Design System that has several different systems included such as the Kabbalah, Indian Chakra System, the I GING, Astrology and Quantum Physics. The Human Design will give you a glance and deep insight of what you are here to become and what your greatest potential or also named blueprint is.


You are here to live your full potential- your unique blueprint!

Start to get to know it and decondition yourself from the world outside

through really knowing who your are!


All of my offerings are online and in personal meetings possible. Choose eithter for a short introduction version or a basic reading.

All my offerings include an audio recording which you will get send  after the session!


1 hour Session


In this 1 hour Session you will get an overview about your personal Chart! We will discuss your type, your chakras and your profile.


After this session you will now the basic of your type and how your life can be more easier and how you set yourself into a flow.


  • your Type, Chakras, Profile
  • Audio recording

                                                                                                         270 chf


approx. 2 hours Session

In this profound analyse you will get a deep insight about your chart. You will get to know your type, your chakras, profile so as your potentials and your challenges. In this analyse session you will have the chance to get answers on all your personal questions that matter in your life at the moment. Dont hesitate to contact me for any further questions about the session.

I am looking forward to let you have a deeply insight in your Human Design Chart.


  • your Type, Chakras, Profile
  • your Potentials, Challenges, Gates
  • Personal Questions answerd
  • Audio Recording

                                                                                                360 chf


1-2 hours

You allready know your human design chart? You maybe allready had a reading or read a lot about it? 

This coaching session will give you the chance to deepen your knowledge and understanding about human design. We will go deeper into your chart and you will have your special questions answerd about Human Design.

Theres also the possibility to work on one topic that showed up through your chart. To work on a potential or a challenge.

Here i will use tools out from systemic work, Kinesiology and similiar work to hypnosis and trauma release work.

Iam looking forward to set your potentials free and

transform your challenges.

                                                                                         180 chf/h


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